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Services & prices « Carolina Ilusalong

Services & prices

Women haircut 20
Men haircut 20
Hair toning for men 5
Beard trimming 10
Fringe trimming 5
Eyebrow correction 5
Eyebrow colouring 5
Eyelashes colouring 5
Haircut and colouring set service with Joico cure
  For half long hair 60
  For long hair 85
Colouring hair roots and Joico cure 55-70
Permanent curl services with JOICO cure
  For half long hair 50
  For long hair 80
Joico 4-step hair cure with hairstyling 35
Colour removal service and JOICO cure (per hour) 40
Hair wash and finishing 15
Festive hairstyle 45
Make-up 30
Treatment manicure with massage 25
Gellack manicure (BioSculpture) with massage 35
Hot paraffin treatment 15

4 step Joico cure
Four-step Hair Repair System: K-PAK Professional Chelating Shampoo to gently remove mineral and styling product build-up next step is the K-PAK Cuticle Sealer to smooth and tighten the cuticle, lock in curl and haircolor and restore pH balance then comes K-PAK Deep Penetrating Reconstructor to rebuild hair structure and K-PAK Intense Hydrator to quench dry, damaged strands. In less than 20 minutes at the sink, the Hair Repair System will heal and transform the integrity of your hair.